Everyone loves a CAT!

Sadly this CAT is Cyber Awareness Training

A lack of staff awareness is the biggest threat to your network and data security. Whether that be data protection policies, acceptable use policies, or users sharing memes or clicking those links, let's help them help you!


Empower your team with HeartSecure

Effortless solution to cyber security training. We streamline the entire process – from seamless staff onboarding to detailed skills gap analysis and personalised training plans. Our comprehensive approach ensures measurable results and compliance reporting, all managed by ITHeart. With HeartSecure, you can focus on your business with the assurance that your team is continually educated and protected against cyber threats.

Auto Enrolment

Say farewell to manual onboarding hassles! Our seamless solution automates user synchronisation. New team members are effortlessly onboarded, starting their training before network access. Streamline onboarding, empower your team!

GAP Analysis

Cultivate top-tier talent from the start! Our automated enrollment process begins with a bespoke gap analysis questionnaire, identifying strengths and weaknesses. This yields a risk score, leading to the creation of individualized training plans that address your team members' specific needs.

Individual Training

Besides dynamic individual training plans that adapt as users learn, we seamlessly integrate client-specified mandatory training for a comprehensive and tailored learning experience.

Progress Reports

Additionally, our system provides progress reports to managers and HR, offering real-time visibility into required training progress. Say goodbye to manual checks, as tracking becomes a breeze with our automated reporting.

Continuous Training

Experience year-round continuous training that dynamically adapts to evolving threats and the user's skill level. Our cutting-edge system ensures ongoing development and readiness, keeping your team at the forefront of security and compliance throughout the year.

Compliance Reporting

Certifications like ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials demand evidence of training, often requiring hours of manual collection. With HeartSecure, this critical data is just a click away, saving your team valuable time and streamlining compliance processes.


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