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Servers, Desktops, Networking, Office365, Wi-Fi? We've got you covered.

Infrastructure Covered

You need working core infrastructure. Servers, switches, routers, and firewalls all need to be accessible. We (of course) support this hardware as standard. We'll never replace perfectly good hardware, and our audit tools will keep us informed of any firmware updates, security risks or software upgrades.

Infrastructure should be invisible; let's make it that way!

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Windows 10/11 - Mac OS?

With so many ways to work, from Microsoft desktops to Apple Macbooks, we don't limit ourselves to one operating system. We have remote support agents for all systems for remote help, updates, and upgrades. We can connect with you if you are office-bound or on the road. We'll even help you troubleshoot home office connections. We charge per user, not per device. You embrace the multi-device lifestyle, and we do, too.

NO Call out fee!

We do not have a call-out fee when under support contract, site visits for faults are NOT chargeable. If we can't fix it remotely, that's on us. If we must attend the site, it's great to know there's no bill before you know the solution.

We DO have on-site costs, but never for fault fixing. That's on us.

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