What was once lost is found.

Navigating Shadow IT

Are you fully aware of everything on your network? Do you know if every device and software is patched, current, or potentially harboring known vulnerabilities? It's understandable if you're not. Given the rapid pace of technological innovation, the introduction of new solutions, and staff changes, it's easier than ever to overlook what's actually on your network.

Shadow IT refers to the unauthorized devices and software lurking within your network, often without your knowledge. We're here to illuminate these hidden corners and bring clarity to your IT environment. Let's explore how we can shed light on Shadow IT and ensure your network is secure and efficiently managed.

Step 1: Discover & Identify

Understanding the contents of our network is crucial, whether it's a neglected printer, an outdated Wi-Fi access point, or that backup drive tucked away in the accounts cupboard. It's essential to locate and assess every device. Consider the five-year-old Brother printer—when did it last receive a security update?

Introducing our network probe: a discreet solution designed to seamlessly scan and identify devices over a specified period—be it an hour, a day, or a week. Operating quietly in the background, it gathers data and provides a comprehensive action plan, ensuring our network remains secure and up-to-date.


Step 2: Report

Our network probe goes beyond merely cataloging devices; it delves deep, gathering information on software versions and cross-referencing these with known vulnerabilities in security databases. This process results in a detailed list of immediate actions and identified risks. We then compile and present this critical information to you in an accessible format, accompanied by a comprehensive remediation plan. This ensures you're not just aware of potential vulnerabilities but also equipped with a clear strategy for addressing them.


Step 3: Remediate

Equipped with in-depth insights and a strategic plan, we spring into action—patching vulnerabilities, fortifying defenses, and illuminating every corner of your network infrastructure. Along the journey, we provide you with an additional set of recommendations tailored to your unique environment. This may include identifying and replacing end-of-life wireless access points, printers, or software that is no longer supported. Rest assured, we are committed to standing by your side at every step, ensuring that your network is not only secured but remains resilient against future threats.

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